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The CblockMgr class, which represents an instance of the Cblock manager.


Constructor of the CblockMgr class
Adds a new Cblock to the specified parent Cblock (folder)
Gets additional information for Tree nodes
Gets Cblocks by Site and Page
Gets a specific Cblock instance
Gets a Cblock Id by permanent name
Gets a Cblock-Entrymask-Link by Entrymask Id
Gets a Cblock-Entrymask-Link by Entrymask-Link Id
Gets a Cblock-Link by Link Id
Gets Cblocks by searchtext
Gets a Cblock-Entrymask-Link by Link Id
Gets a list of Cblocks
Gets Locks for the specific Token
Gets the parents of the specified Cblock
Gets permanent name by Cblock Id
Gets an instance of a published Cblock
Gets the subnodes of the specified Cblock
Get Cblock tree nodes
Callback method which is executed when a Usergroup permission on a Cblock changes
Callback method which is executed when Usergroup permissions on a Cblock change
Removes a Cblock from the Trash
Removes all Cblock-Page-Links for a specific Site