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Files are documents (images, PDF-files, video-files, etc.) that have been uploaded to yeager.

Upon upload, yeager automatically assigns a File Type to the File (that is if it recognizes the document). Users can also manually assign the File Type of a given File.

yeager can be configured to automatically process file documents upon upload; for example to create a scaled or cropped version of an image or a different video format of a video file. These new incarnations of an uploaded document are called File Views. The specifics of the processing are determined by  the file processor in the File Type configuration.


By default the File-object consists of the following properties:

Specifies the name of the object
Source file
Specifies the actual source file uploaded into yeager
File Type
Specifies the File Type

Additional custom properties can be added via the system settings panel


Files, and all available File Views, can be accessed directly via the following internal URLs:
Image URL:
Download URL:


By making use of File Extensions custom code can get executed whenever an event is fired on a File. File Extensions also allow adding of custom UI elements to yeager's File administration panel.

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