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Pages represent the general structure of an application. The eventual visual appearance of the content is controlled by the Template that is assigned to a given Page. The assigned Template also defindes the content areas that are available on a Page.


By default a Page consists of the properties:

Specifies the name of the object
Name in URL
Specifies how the Page is called in the URL, e.g.
An optional description, often used for SEO purposes

The Template assigned to the Page
Defines the navigation the Page should show up in - a Page without an assigned navigation is considered hidden 

Additional custom properties can be added to files on demand through the system settings panel.

Content areas

The assigned Template defines the content areas which will be available on a Page for assignment of content.


The functionality of Pages can be customized by making use of Page Extensions. Page Extensions also allow adding custom UI elements to yeager's Page administration panel.

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