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When content is created or edited with yeager, it generally is not immediately available to the audience ("live content" or "published content") but subject to a publishing workflow.

Publishing is available for the following object types: 

How to publish

In order to go live, the object has to be (1) approved (see Versioning) and (2) published. The publishing itself can be done in a number of different ways:
  • Automatically - An object that is set to "Always publish latest version" instantly publishes the object upon approval, without having to choose a specific version. This is the default publishing setting.
  • Manually - Specify an object version for publishing
  • Scheduled - Specify an object version and the date/time of publishing


While File objects are subject to versioning, they do not follow the usual approval and publishing workflow: Files are automatically considered "approved and published" as soon as a change to a File is submitted.