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The automatic installer is the easiest way to install yeager on your system. It will guide you through the setup process.

To start the installation process all you need to do is copy the yeager_install.php on your webserver and execute it through your web browser (e.g. 
You should now see step 1 of the installation rounte. Follow the 5 steps and enter the information requested in order to complete the installation. 
Please make sure that the user account the webserver is running as owns permissions to write to the folder you put the install script into. This should be the case if the usergroups and permissions on your server are configured correctly. If not, we recommend to change the permissions of the folder you want to install yeager into to 775 or 777 - depending on your setup (CHMOD 775 or CHMOD 777). You can change the permissions either by making use of your ftp client or via ssh. 
Currently, the automated installation script does only work with nginx and Apache webservers. If you want to install yeager on a different webserver please go by manual installation.