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Entry Masks

Entry Masks define the structure and form of content that can be put into Content Blocks

They consist of one or more form fields (for structured content entry).
The actual content of a form field is stored and versioned in the related Content Block object.


Specifies the name of the object
Specifies a unique identifier for this Entry Mask
Form fields
Specifies the number and type of available form fields

Types of form fields

  • Single line textfield
  • Multi line textfiedl
  • Rich text (editor)
  • List 
  • Checkbox
  • Link
  • File
  • Tag
  • Content Block
  • Page
  • Password
  • Date
  • Date and time
To help structuring an Entry Mask's appearance in yeager's UI, the following dummy fields can be used:
  • Separator
  • Headline 

Further information