Comment administration

This window is basically the same admin panel as an individual objects' Comments-tab (e.g. for "Pages"), the only difference being that it shows each and every comment from all yeager objects, of every object type.

This centralized kind of administration eliminates the need to individually locate and edit every object when managing Comments content, which can be especially useful for applications that have a high volume of commenting going on.
Comments have one of three stati:

  • OK - The default status of a Comment, usually used for Comments that passed quality control
  • Unapproved - Depending on the specific application built, this status is usually used to hide a Comment until further notice (that is until its status is changed by an administrator to either "OK" or "Spam"). Refer to your system administrator for more detailed information on how your system is set up.
  • Spam - Depending on the specific application built, this status is usually used to permanently hide a Comment. Refer to your system administrator for detailed information on how your system is set up.

For every Comment item, the following functionality is available (via action button):

  • add Comment on a specific Comment
  • edit Comment
  • change Comment status
  • remove Comment