File administration

The File detail dialog can be accessed by selecting a File in the tree view of the File administration and using the action buttons, or by clicking on the name of a File wherever a reference to a File is displayed (e.g. in the list of recent changes on yeager's home screen).

Global functions

  • download File
  • preview File
  • fullscreen preview

File info

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Source file
File type chooser
File preview
Filesize and dimension information
The file info tab for Files displays a list of file specific properties.


  • change the source file of a File (re-upload)
  • change the file type of a File


This tab displays all configurable File properties.


This tab lists all Tags which are assigned to a File.


  • add Tag assignments
  • remove Tag assignments


This tab lists all Views which are assigned to a File.


  • add View assignments
  • remove View assignments


This tab lists all incoming links of a File: Incoming links are objects in which a File is used or linked in.

Note that only the content of the published versions of objects are considered. So in case a used object contains a link, but is not yet approved, the link will not show up in the list.


This tab lists all Extensions which are used for a File.


  • add Extension
  • remove Extension
  • edit Extension properties (see Form fields)


This tab displays a history of all changes and versions of a File. The list may show two different types of entries: 
Version log entries
These are log entries related to a version change, approval, publishing process or roll-back. These items have a slight darker background color and the actions are displayed in bold text. Each entry is associated with exactly one version. When hovering the entry you can preview or restore that version by making use of the action buttons.
Entries related to changes of a specific version.

For a detailed description of yeager's versioning concept see Versioning.  


  • revert back to an old version of a File
  • preview a specific version of a File
  • save snapshot as version


This tab shows the Comments that have been submitted in relation to a specific File.
Comments have one of three stati:

  • OK - The default status of a Comment, usually used for Comments that passed quality control
  • Unapproved - Depending on the specific application built, this status is usually used to hide a Comment until further notice (that is until its status is changed by an administrator to either "OK" or "Spam"). Refer to your system administrator for more detailed information on how your system is set up.
  • Spam - Depending on the specific application built, this status is usually used to permanently hide a Comment. Refer to your system administrator for detailed information on how your system is set up.


  • enable or disable the commenting functionality for a Page
  • add Comment
  • edit Comment
  • change Comment status
  • delete Comment