File folder administration

The File folder detail window can either be accessed by selecting a File folder in the tree window of the File administration or by clicking on the name of a File folder when a reference to a File folder is displayed (e.g. in the list of recent changes on yeager's home screen).

Global functions

  • add File


List of Files stored in a File folder
The Files tab displays a list of Files which are stored in a File folder. Hovering over an indivual File in the list reveals additional functions via action buttons. Each column can be sorted by clicking on the column title.


  • edit File
  • copy File
  • move File
  • remove File
  • download File
  • preview File
  • preview File in fullscreen


This tab displays all configurable File folder properties.


This tab lists all Tags which are assigned to a File folder.


  • add Tag
  • remove Tag


This tab lists all Views which are assigned to a File folder. Views assigned to File folders will be used for all items (File objects) within the File folder.


  • add View
  • remove View