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Action button

Throughout the system, Users will encounter what we call the "action button"-element. Action buttons are available for a wide range of objects, like tree items, Content Areas, panel headers and so forth. Its purpose is to make every function instantly and conveniently available, without cluttering the interface with dozens, or hundreds of button-type elements.
The action button-element only appears on hover, and always on the far right of the object it belongs to (look for the small rectangular with a Flash-Icon).
Upon hovering the element, it reveals every associated action that is available for the particular item type (e.g. "edit", "create new", "delete", etc.). Click on an action-icon to execute it.
Action button displayed when hovering over a tree item.
Hovering over the action button reveals all available functions for the respective tree item.
Choosing one of the available options.
Action button displayed when hovering over a panel.
The same action button when expanded.