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First steps

Your browser needs to accept cookies if you want to use the “stay logged in” feature. We recommend "staying logged in", so you can close the browser or browser tab and continue to use the interface without having to login again.


To login, goto

Enter your login credentials (provided by your system administrator) and press return or click login.

In case you have forgotten your password use the Lost password?-feature.

Welcome screen

After having logged in successfully the first thing you will see is the yeager welcome screen:
yeager welcome screen
The first panel provides access to the most important administration panels of yeager. Another way of accessing the admin panels is the main navigation (described below).

The second panel shows a list of the most recent changes made in yeager. You can see what the changes were, and who made them.

A trace line that provides quick access to the most recently used administration panels can be found between the main menu tab and the top main window.

Main navigation

This is the primary means of navigating yeager. It provides access to all admin panels that your yeager account is authorized for.
Access the main navigation by hovering over the black area on the top. The main navigation will drop down, appearing as shown here:
yeager welcome screen, expanded menu
Because of the large number of different admin panels in yeager, they are categorized into three sections:

1. Content - All content related admin panels
2. System - Admin panels related to system settings and configuration
3. Usergroups - Administration of Users and Usergroups
Choose one of the three sections to display its respective admin panels. Each admin panel is represented by an icon. If you don't know what the icon represents, hover over the icon to display the admin panels' name. Clicking an icon brings you to the respective admin panel.

Account details

Click on your username (displayed in blue) in the main menu to open your user profile.
Here you can edit the data for your account, like account name, password, preferred time-zone and so on.


If you want to log out of yeager, use the link on the far right side of the main navigation (shown in pink).