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Entry Mask administration


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Hierarchical representation the selected Entry Mask in the tree.
List of Entry Mask properties
List of form fields assigned to an Entry Mask
This tab allows the configuration of an Entry Mask's name and CODE, as well as a list of form fields assigned to the Entry Mask. The Entry Mask CODE and the IDENTIFIER of each of it's form fields is important for adressing a Page's or Mailing's content (see Developing Templates).


  • edit Entry Mask properties (name, code)
  • add and configure form field 
  • remove form field 
  • move form field up or down in the list
  • save the current configuration of an Entry Mask
A list of form field types is available at User interface: Form fields.


List of objects which use the selected Entry Mask
This tab displays a list of objects which use the selected Entry Mask.


  • open the listed object in a detail dialog


Graphical representation of the selected Entry Mask when it is assigned to a content area
This tab displays a preview of an Entrymask if it is added on the content tab of a Page, Contentblock or E-Mailing.