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System settings

The System Settings administration allows you to configure a variety of settings for the different yeager objects.

Global functions

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Save functionality


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List of custom Page properties


  • add custom Page property
  • edit custom Page property
  • remove custom Page property

Content Blocks

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List of custom Content Block properties


  • add custom Content Block property
  • edit custom Content Block property
  • remove custom Content Block property


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List of custom File properties


  • add custom File property
  • edit custom File property
  • remove custom File property


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List of custom User properties


  • add custom User property
  • edit custom User property
  • remove custom User property

File types

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List of available File types in the system
When uploading file documents to yeager, the system can try to autodetect the File type. This is recommended to eliminate the need of manually specifying a File type for each and every uploaded document.

To enable auto-detection, leave the filetype dropdown on its default setting ("Automatic").
For every File type, a custom File processor can be configured. Processing is executed every time a document with the respective type is uploaded or changed. For more information on File processors see Developer Guide: Developing Processors.


  • add File type
  • edit File type
  • remove File type


List of all Views in the system
If width or height is set to "fluid, maximum" and a specific value the File will only be scaled or cropped if it exceeds the specified dimensions (for each dimension respectively). The "fixed"-option always forces scaling or cropping to the specified dimensions.

The cropping options define how the File will be cropped if cropping is needed. Horizontal cropping changes the File width, whereas vertical cropping changes the File height.

  • left/right: cropping with alignment from the left or right
  • top/bottom: cropping with alignment from the top or bottom
  • center/middle: cropping with central alignment
Views can be assigned to individual Files or whole File folders. If a View is assigned to a folder, all existing and new Files in that folder will be assigned with that View. Depending on the File type configuration, a File processor may be in place. In regard to image documents, each View represents a cropped or scaled version of the source image. 


  • add View
  • edit View
  • remove View


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Global settings regarding the Commenting functionality
This tab displays the configuration of Comments.


  • enable/disable HTML code in comments (if disabled, all HTML tags are outputted as plain text)
  • enable/disable the need to approve a specific object until the Comment is published
  • allow/deny non-registered Users to post Comments
  • add/remove blacklisted keywords
  • add/remove spam keywords
  • specify the number of days after which commenting will be disabled (0 = unlimited)
  • waiting time after commenting to create a new comment (in seconds)
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Global settings regarding E-Mailings
This tab displays the global settings for E-Mailings.


  • select a default Template for E-Mailings
  • restrict available Templates to a specific Template folder