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Template administration

Global functions

Below you will find descriptions for each of the available tabs for Templates.


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Hierarchical representation the selected Template
List of Template properties (name, description, identifier)
List of available content areas
List of available navigations
This tab displays all configurable Template properties.


  • edit Template properties (name, identifier, description)
  • (re-)upload the Template source file
  • specify content area names
  • specify navigation names
A Template is usually, but not necessarily, an HTML file. It specifies the available content areas into which Users can put content after assigning the Template to a Page or Mailing. The Template also specifies in a list of navigations. Assigning a navigation to a Page will allow rendering the Page as part of a specific, custom navigation (e.g. footer). 
A full description of syntax and accessible variables can be found at the Developer Guide: Developing Templates.  


List of objects which use the selected Template
This tab displays a list of objects which use the selected Template.


  • open the listed object in a detail dialog